Yamaha MR-1 Twin Engine Winterization Kit

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Protect your Yamaha Jet Boat by winterizing before your store it during the off season.

This JetBoatPilot Exclusive Winterization Kit includes all the items necessary to properly store your twin MR-1 powered Yamaha Jet Boat this winter, plus the oil change kit and spark plugs that you will need next spring.

This kit works with all Twin Engine Yamaha Boats equipped with MR-1 engines.

This includes:

2003-2009 23 Footers

2006-2015 21 Footers


Winterization Video (Note this video was shot while winterizing a 1.8L powered Yamaha boat. Procedure is similar on MR-1 equipped boats but location of air intake is different. See image below for location on HO and Standard MR-1 air intakes.

MR-1 HO Air Intake Location

MR-1 Standard Air Intake Location


 Items included in this kit are:

 Quantity 2: Oil Change Kit For MR-1 Yamaha Engines (High Output or Standard)(Oil change kit includes 3 quarts oil and filter) KT-00

Quantity 2: 4 Pack Spark Plugs for MR-1 Yamaha Engines (CR9EB) With Wacker Brand Thread Lubricant (Heat Sink Paste)

Quantity 1: Yamaha Stor-Rite Fogging Oil Spray

Quantity 3: 16 OZ Fuel Med-RX Fuel Stabilizer

Quantity 1: 6 Liter Oil Extractor (Must use oil extractor when draining oil)