Custom Marine Mat


  • What is Marine Mat?
Marine Mat is an industry leading EVA Foam non skid flooring product. Once installed on your boat's decks it provides superior wet or dry traction, adds comfort, reduces noise and beautifies your boat.
  • What is the difference between Marine Mat and SeaDek?
Marine Mat and SeaDek are both EVA Foams manufactured with UV stabilization and fade resistance. Acrylic Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) used on both for optimal adhesion to your boat deck. Marine Mat is also the OEM flooring supplier for Yamaha, Scarab and dozens of other boat manufacturers around the world.
  • How can I order Marine Mat for my boat?
If you have a jet boat feel free to visit our production Marine Mat page. For custom Marine Mat the first step is to contact one of JetBoatPilot's Custom Marine Mat representatives for an estimate. They are available for estimates via phone, email or you can stop by the office. We also can travel to you to provide an estimate for your boat.
Visit Us: 2743 Forester Trail Panama City, Florida, 32405. 
Call: 850-832-6773
  • How long does the product last?
The product has a lifespan of 5-7 years with proper care, but we have seen individuals exceed those numbers. For best results keep your boat covered when not in use. The product has UV protection built in, but as with all things the sun will cause damage with prolonged exposure, especially here in Florida. Also be sure to clean the product after each use for the best results. Marine Mat is made from closed cell foam so it does not absorb stains like regular materials, but spills or blood left long enough will require additional effort to remove.
  • What is the warranty?
The product comes with a 3 year factory warranty. This covers factory defects like delamination. Delamination occurs when two layers of Marine Mat that have been laminated together begin to come apart. The lamination process is done at the factory level and is covered by their factory warranty. The factory does not cover adhesion to the deck. Having our trained professionals install your Marine Mat will help during a potential warranty claims process and the likelihood of your claim being approved is increased when our certified technicians do your install.
  • What happens after I get my estimate?
After the consultation and an agreed upon estimate a deposit is collected. We require a 25% nonrefundable deposit to begin work on your boat. This deposit covers the initial scan of the boat for the data we require, a set of dry fits we place on the boat for verification of fitment, and a digital render sent via email for customer approval. Once render approval has been received from the customer, final payment is then required for material to be cut and installation to commence.
  • How do I clean the product?
The product can be cleaned with almost anything. We recommend water and regular boat soap, but it also can be cleaned with Simple Green, Purple Power, half and half water with bleach, or even Dawn dish soap. We do not recommend pressure washing the material as it is foam.
  • Are there any advantages to buying Marine Mat from JetBoatPilot instead of another installer?
There are several key benefits to purchasing Marine Mat from JetBoatPilot. 
1: JetBoatPilot is a Marine Mat Fabricator & Installer. This means we have the equipment in house to not only design pads that fit your boat perfectly and to CNC cut them with precision. Because all of the design and fabrication departments work under one roof, quality is consistently higher, fit is better and the end product is best for you.
2: JetBoatPilot has over 10 years of experience fabricating and installing EVA Foam Marine Flooring. Our team has seen nearly every conceivable scenario and can help you plan and design a kit for your boat that will last for years and will exceed your expectations.
3: JetBoatPilot is here for you in the future, when you need help, customer service or handling of an issue. Unlike many travelling installers who can at times cut corners on quality because of distance between themselves and the boat, JetBoatPilot adheres to a strict quality standard and backs the product with unmatched customer care. Read our 4.9 Star Google Ratings and learn more about what our customers are saying about us.
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