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Yamaha Exciter Screw In Style Clean Out Plug (96-99 MY)

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This 1996-1999 Yamaha Exciter screw in style clean out plug is custom fabricated from marine rated polymers and custom fitted to your Exciter's impeller shaft access port. 

Screw In Style Clean Out Plug & Locking Tool Sold Separately.

Custom CNC milled from solid 3/4" and 1" marine rated, non corrosive polymers and assembled with high grade stainless fasteners and hardware, ensuring that this part will endure the test of time and the harshness of salt water and fresh water environments. 

Warranty: Each part is backed by a 3 year JetBoatPilot warranty. Parts are guaranteed to work as advertised for the duration of the three year warranty period. If any part of this assembly fails, due to defects in materials or workmanship, during the first three years of ownership, JetBoatPilot will replace the defective part at no charge to the customer. Any part that is deemed to have failed as a result of the customer's neglect or failure to install correctly or without the proper locking tool supplied by Yamaha and available through JetBoatPilot's web store, will not be warrantied by JetBoatPilot LLC. 

**Disclaimer** You must currently own Yamaha's supplied Manhole Cover Locking Tool or you must purchase JetBoatPilot's Manhole Cover Locking Tool in order that this part be safe to use. The locking tool, pictured in the images section, is designed to lock the manhole cover's handle in place so that it is not capable of unscrewing while in operation. Failure to use the manhole cover in conjunction with either Yamaha's or JetBoatPilot's Manhole Cover Locking Tool can cause the plug to release itself while the boat is in operation. This can cause loss of propulsion, damage to upper hull/deck as well as potentially cause water to be pumped onboard. Ensure that all passengers and boat operators are familiar with the workings of and proper installation of the Manhole Cover and Locking Tool prior to operation of your Yamaha Exciter Boat.