BRP Thrust Vector - Low Speed Steering Enhancement

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Key Benefits:

-Dramatically Improves Slow Speed Steering Responsiveness

-Retains "Jet Boat Feel" At High Speeds!

-Virtually Eliminates Oversteer

-NEW KICKSTAND FEATURE Allows Users To Prop Fins Up While Anchored In Shallow Water

-Will Not Void Your Factory Warranty

-Swimmer Friendly

-No Drilling Required For Installation

-Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fits most twin engine and single engine BRP powered jet boats from 2005-Current MY (Excludes SeaDoo 230 & Islandia and Switch Models).


What's New For BRP Thrust Vector 2022


Thrust Vector Demonstration Video

Installation Video (Sept 2022)


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bill Conway
Thrust Vectors are a game changer

So our 2023 AR 250 has right around 13 hours on it now. And I can drive this thing and dock it perfectly at any speed, but when I've had others grab the wheel while I'm doing stuff they look like they're drunk going through a no wake zone. So I bought #jetboatpilot Thrust vectors and they are a game changer. I didn't tell my wife what I necessarily did I just told her to take the wheel and within the first two seconds she says it's way easier to steer now. Happy wife happy life.

Thank you! We love to see these sorts of reviews! This is why we got into business in the first place!

Troy Gray

I purchased the original thrust vectors in the beginning of 2020. I noticed a huge difference immediately and couldn't be happier with the result. The steering is so much more responsive which has helped with docking and trailering. This is one product I will always make sure to have on any jet boat. However, in my second season of boating with them, I also noticed the steering to become stuck at low speeds. I would have to pull the throttle into reverse and back forward to release the steering. When I recently pulled the boat out of the water I noticed the rear stabilizer bar was broken and no longer attached to one of the fins. I assume this is what was causing my issue with steering somehow. I just purchased the new design thrust vectors and hopefully these will stay in one piece without any issues as there is no longer the rear stabilizer bar getting caught on the reverse gate.

John Donadio
Thrust Vectors - Good Investment

I’ve owned only large bass boats so moving from big power outboards to the jet system for me has been a little challenging especially pulling up to a local restaurant or pulling into my slip, especially on windy days or when the current is running against you. I was thinking maybe I made a mistake by not buying a boat with an outboard. In reading comments on this issue was one of the major complaints. That's where I first heard about the JetBoatPiolt Thrust Vector system. I did some research and watched their videos and felt this was the answer. After installing the Thrust Vector system I immediately noticed the difference. I launched my boat on a windy day and had much better handling control around the dock. But I truly realized the difference when I was pulling my boat (2020 195 FSH) into my slip, the control was very responsive. I've been using this system now for over two months and without a doubt the best investment I made. I highly recommend you won't be sorry.

Pretty good but expensive

I installed the new thrust vectors and can definitely tell they improve low speed steering. However, some times it is very difficult to move the steering wheel which causes issues for my wife and son. Also, after only 2 used, the tiny stabilizer bar on both bent and came loose. Not sure how that happened.

Do you store your boat at a marina? Sometimes the forklift drivers get sloppy and damage the Thrust Vectors without knowing it.

Rowdy Fee
Greatly improved steering response

I live on a pretty popular lake with lots of traffic and before the thrusters the steering pulling up to the dock or other boats was always a mess. This took about 10 minutes to build and another 10 to install. made the steering so much more responsive and basic eliminates all oversteering. So much so that my wife will now drive the boat occasionally, where as before she wouldn't even think about it.