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Stoltz Bow Roller Kits

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JetBoatPilot Stoltz Bow Roller Kits Are Optimized For Best Possible Fit For Your Jet Boat's Hull, Particularly The Shape Of The Bow.

Our Expert Team Has Analyzed Each Boat & Trailer Fitment Offered & Installed The Best Stoltz Roller & Bell Combo, & Photographed & Cataloged Each Kit.

When You Buy A JetBoatPilot Stoltz Bow Roller Kit, You're Getting The Perfect Fit, No Questions Asked.

Included In Each Kit:

Bells, Bow Roller, Stainless Steel Mount Bolt-Washers-Nuts

Stoltz Rollers:

Resilient, shock-absorbent, non-marking Super Rollers are made from high-quality polyurethane to protect your investment. They spin freely to reduce drag while launching or retrieving your boat and remain unaffected by oil, gas or salt. Should last the lifetime of your trailer. Made in the U.S.A.