Seakeeper Ride 450 (19'-26' Boats)

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Seakeeper Ride | The Only Vessel Attitude Control System (VACS)

Throw everything you know about transom-mounted systems away. Seakeeper has drastically changed boating once again. Seakeeper RideTM eliminates up to 70% of underway pitch and roll providing comfort, control, and confidence. It’s intuitive. It’s automatic. It’s transformational.

Miles Above | Inspired by advanced aerospace technology to control pitch, roll, and yaw, Seakeeper Ride is the first and only Vessel Attitude Control System (VACS).

Eliminate Underway Motion | We've conquered the motion of the ocean. Seakeeper Ride can eliminate up to 70% of underway pitch and roll. Your guests (and your knees) will thank you. 

Running Angle Perfection | Excuse us for getting a little techy, but Seakeeper Ride's Trim Command CurveTM is something to geek-out over. This handy preset automatically sets your boat to your optimal running angle at any given speed. What does that mean for you?: The ideal trim, every time.

Auto Leveling | Seakeeper Ride’s automatic list control keeps the deck level regardless of uneven or moving weight distribution. And when we say automatic, we mean it. With Seakeeper Ride, you aren’t getting a finger workout making constant adjustments to combat list or heel. Think of it as your personal psychic, predicting motion and stopping it before it starts. So when your buddy crosses the deck to open the cooler (again), we’ve got you both covered.

Turn Of The Century | Seakeeper Ride automatically adjusts the heeling angle of your boat during turns for a more comfortable feeling and better performance.

ORDERING INFO: Most Yamaha, Seadoo, Vortex and Scarab jet boats are not equipped with MFD's (Multi Function Displays). If your boat does not have an existing MFD you will need to opt for the 5" Garmin TD50 in the MFD Options tab. If you have an existing MFD on your boat you will simply need to choose the MFD brand from the drop down menu to ensure that the proper cable is supplied with your kit. 

INSTALLATION INFO: We highly recommend that you allow a certified Seakeeper Ride installer to do your installation. This install is highly technical, requires specialized tools and familiarity with uncommon adhesives, fiberglass work, knowledge of NMEA2000 networks and more. JetBoatPilot is a Certified Seakeeper Ride installer.

OPTIONS: If your boat only has one MFD you may want to consider the SeaKeeper Ride Keypad. This allows you to make adjustments to the system while keeping your MFD on your desired display screen.

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A real game changer! Incredible improvement of ride and steering.