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**Canadian Customers Must Call To Order**

PerfectPass has totally reimagined, redesigned and simplified the GPS Star Gazer Wake Edition for most Yamaha Sport Boats**.  The same engineering team that designed speed control systems used in Pro Events around the World has once again set a new standard for jet boats with the industry’s smoothest pull in a more friendly user interface.

Driving a Yamaha Sport Boat for Wakeboarding and Surfing at a consistent speed is a stressful, near impossible task because any deviation in speed will negatively affect the Riders experience. Now any responsible operator and give a “perfect pull” so you and your family can enjoy your time on the water like never before.


  • Nearly a “Plug & Play” installation process for boats with wall mounted Accelerator Position Sensors (APS**). No servos to install, no constant power required, no messy RPM Cables to connect and no wires to Splice.
  • High quality Automotive Type Connectors that meet NEMA Standards.
  • Genuine Garmin weather proof GPS Receiver.
  • Engineered to be fail safe. Any loss of power to PerfectPass or any cable failure to PerfectPass will result in full normal operation of boat.
  • Ideal for Surf speeds from 8 mph and up.
  • Simply set the speed, throttle up and PerfectPass will take over automatically once the set point is reached.
  • All new “Two Stage” engagement process developed exclusively for Yamaha Systems to provide our most seamless engagement ever.
  • Incredibly smooth pull that holds speed to within 1 to 2 tenths of a mph and no rpm oscillation.
  • Includes your choice of our 3.5 inch round Display Gauge or External Display with Mount for boats with “Connext”. (No extra charge)
  • The LCD screen with adjustable backlight shows you just what you need to see in a clear, uncluttered format. No complicated Menus to scroll through.
  • Available in Single and Twin Engine formats.
  • Includes a limited 12 month warranty on new PerfectPass Systems, Click Here For Details


**Models with "APS"

2006 & Newer Ar210, SX210 & SR210
2010 & Newer SX240, AR240 & 242 Limited
2012 & Newer AR190, SX190, 212SS & 212X
2013 & Newer SX192 & AR192
2016 & Newer SX195, AR195, 212 Ltd, FSH190 & FSH210
2020 & Newer AR250, SX250, 252S, 212, 212S, AR195 & 252 FSH
2023 & Newer AR220, SX220, 222S, 220FSH & 222FSH 

Perfect Pass system does not work on E-Series Yamaha Jet Boats. For more information about compatibility please contact JetBoatPilot directly.


Twin Engine Install Video

Single Engine Install Video


Customer Reviews

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Perfect Pass for 2013 Yamaha 212X

Thought I would write a review and comment on the Perfect Pass for Yamaha twin engine boats. As others have commented, it's a few bucks to dish out but well worth it in my opinion and I wish I had bought it sooner. My 3 kids were younger when we first purchased the boat and the stock ballast bags were fine when we were just wakeboarding. We had friends introduce us to wake surfing and loved it. We tried to surf with what we had on our 212x and quickly found out we need more weight to get a reasonable push. We upgraded to 900 pound sacks on each side and added a 2nd pump. Purchased Thrust Vectors and Deflector kit and with enough people on board can get a decent enough wave and push. However as the primary driver, using the cruise control feature on the 212x, we were constantly adjusting the speed. It was enough for me to investigate getting the Perfect Pass. So I ordered it and installed the Perfect Pass this week, which was very easy and the video here is excellent. Got it out on the water and it was a success. Truly a great product and works as designed. Once we got the speed for our young adults locked in for each one, all I do it thrust forward until the Perfect Pass takes over. Even the pull is more graceful and smoother than before. To all reading this, if you want to surf/board you want this upgrade. Worth every penny!


Was a little worried dropping this kind of money on a product, but well worth it!!!
This company has been great to deal with and has backed its product all the way through!! Install was super easy as long as you can follow directions. Honestly I was amazed on how easy it was!! If you have a Yamaha jet boat you need this!!! It completely evens out the speed and makes not only the ride much better but also takes the pressure off the driver!!