Lateral Thruster 2.0 Reverse Steering Enhancement (2019-Current Yamaha Boats)

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JetBoatPilot's Patent Pending Lateral Thruster 2.0:

**Not Compatible With Yamaha Boats Equipped With DRiVE X or Helm Master EX**

-Dramatically Enhances Reverse Steering Control on 2019-Current Model Year Yamaha Jet Boats

-Enhances Reverse Steering Intuitively Allowing You To Pull From Your Automotive Reverse Experience!

-Provides Improved Control Without Being Abrupt/Overpowering

-Lateral Thrusters Do Not Hang Beneath The Hull Thus Will Not Impact High Speed Performance

-Lateral Thrusters Install Easily To 2019-Current Model Year Yamaha Jet Boats 

-Lateral Thrusters Have NO MOVING PARTS | Maximum Durability & Dependability!

-Lateral Thrusters Are Compatible With Thrust Vector L. Lateral Thrusters Are Also Compatible w/ 2021 Release Thrust Vector If Trimmed Using The Available Trim Template. (Incompatible with competitor's fin systems)

-Lateral Thrusters Work Well With Or Without Thrust Vectors. You Are Not Required To Purchase Thrust Vectors To Use Lateral Thrusters. 

Lateral Thruster 2.0 Install Video

Lateral Thruster 2.0 Safety & Operation Video

Customer Reviews

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Great product and better service

If you are here looking at this product, chances are you haven’t seen the videos. These direct water when the bucket is down on your jet nozzle. Makes reverse maneuvering a breeze. If you are used to doing this without lateral thrusters you will find there is a learning curve, but I’m talking 1-3 maneuvers and you’re a pro. At this point you look like you actually know how to drive a jet boat backwards lol. But seriously they make you look like a pro.

The best part however is the amazing customer service I received from this company. I had a special request with my order due to some weird circumstances. Anyhow when package arrived it had all been handled. However there was a mix up and JBP thought my request had not been filled properly. I got an email the very day I received my package to remedy the situation.
This sort of concern for meeting customers needs is what separates great companies from someone just trying to make a buck. I will definitely bring all my business here in the future.
Way to be awesome JBP! Thanks.

Thank you so much for the 5 Stars! It means alot to us but is even better for the potential buyer who is making a decision.

Cid Kallen
Something to consider

Installed lateral thrusters and thruster 2.0 kit. Love the handling, crazy the difference it makes. However, the set up makes you more vulnerable to getting tangled up in the weeds. Makes sense though, instead of one huge port you now have 3 smaller ones and debree (weeds and gravel) can get caught a bit easier. Had a scary one where the intake totally got wrapped up in weeds and when I tried to clear by dumping reverse, got some gravel pebbles pinching the reverse flap shut. Made the mistake of cutting off power to clear the weedsand couldn’t move throttle lever back to neutral. So I was literally dead in the water. Just a lesson learned I guess. Overall, great product, it does what it says it will, just having it in creates other issues. As they say, every solution creates a new problem…

Tom Gastio
Great product from a Great company

Removed the thruster Vector X and installed the complete kit Thrust Vector L and the Lateral Thrusters. First time out and it was actually easy to ease my boat to the dock using the lateral thruster. Before installing the lateral thruster it was always difficult to get the stern into the dock. Glad I spent the dollars to update. The boat handles so much better, especially in tight quarters... You really can pivot your boat in the same area as the lenght of your boat..... Thanks again for manufacturing a quality product that actually works as advertised..

Christian Rodriguez
A Must Buy

A very simple part with a very big impact on performance. I've always driven jets, but the reverse on my FSH 252 felt useless. Install was very quick and the low-speed control in reverse exists now! Well worth the purchase.

John J Donadio

Vessel: 2020 Yamaha FSH-195

I have been using the Lateral Thruster 2.0 now for over 3 months and must give it an A++. For a jet boat this is a game changer. Maneuvering in and out of my slip has never been easier no matter what the weather conditions are. To be able to remain in one location while turning your boat is extremely effective when in a tight location. No more embarrassing moments when pulling up to a dock for fuel or dinner. Job well done JetBoat Pilot, thank you.