Lateral Thruster- Reverse Steering Enhancement (Twin Engine 2018 and Prior MY)

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Fits 1996-2018 Model Year Yamaha Jet Boats Only

JetBoatPilot's Patented Lateral Thruster:

-Dramatically Enhances Reverse Steering Control on Yamaha Jet Boats

-Enhances Reverse Steering Intuitively Allowing You To Pull From Your Automotive Reverse Experience!

-Provides Complete Control Without Being Abrupt/Overpowering

-Lateral Thrusters Do Not Hang Beneath The Hull Thus Will Not Impact High Speed Performance

-Lateral Thrusters Have No Moving Parts Which Maximizes Durability & Dependability

-Lateral Thrusters Bolt On With No Drilling To Most Yamaha Jet Boats

-Lateral Thrusters Are Compatible With Thrust Vector. Lateral Thrusters Are Also Compatible w/ Older Versions Of Thrust Vector If Trimmed Using The Available Trim Template. (Incompatible with competitor's fin systems)

-Lateral Thrusters Work Well With Or Without Thrust Vectors. You Are Not Required To Purchase Thrust Vectors To Use Lateral Thrusters. Thrust Vectors sold separately.

 Install Manual PDF

Lateral Thruster Demonstration 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Bruce Garabaghi
2015 Yamaha 212SS- Lateral Thruster and fins

Great customer service and great product that fits perfect.

A Whole Different Boating Experience

I received my Thrust Vectors this past Saturday. Everything from the installation video to the docking was simple. I literally questioned if I knew what I was doing when I purchased my boat last month. After hearing them mentioned on a Jetboat Pilot YouTube video, I went on the website and read everyone’s reviews and figured they all can’t be lying. The installation video was so specific in detail that I put them on in 2 hours and I’m not mechanically inclined. After getting the boat in the water that evening, I thought to myself this isn’t even the same boat anymore. This almost handles like my car. I am 100% pleased with this product. Thank you for this quality product and thanks to everyone who shared their feedback in helping me make the decision to purchase these.

Andrew Chumney
Unsupervised one year old

I am a airplane pilot, I own a 40' RV (pulling Jeep or AR240) and a 38' foot HEMTT. I drive all of those vehicles on a regular basis with no issues at all. Trying to backup my 24' jet boat made me look like an unsupervised one year old. I had owned my AR240 for about a month before I started looking for reasons why this was a problem.

I watched videos of people backing their jetboats and I am convinced what is on the video has got to be the 3rd or 4th take or they had Thrust Vectors installed.

After installing Thrust Vectors the boat behaves as you would expect the boat to respond to given input from the Captain, not just sit there or worse not respond at all.

Thank you, my wife was starting question my captain card until I put Thrust Vectors on the boat.

Hank Stroisch
Difference between Night & Day

First off I’ve got to say the videos are so helpful. It was like Owen was in my shop walking me through it.

First time out backing away from the dock my wife commented. “You did much better this time”.

Excellent product and a must have for a Yamaha jet boat!

Twin Lateral Thrusters

Installed these last week and had a full weekend to try them out. The install was very easy, just a couple of bolts. I can't believe the difference in the boat now. You no longer have to look like a unsupervised 10yr old trying to maneuver around tight fits or docks. I was able to effortlessly place the boat wherever I wanted. Great product, worth every penny!