Yamaha Clean Out Plug Repair Kit

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Restore your Yamaha Jet Boat's clean out plug lower half and gasket with this clean out plug repair kit from Yamaha.

Virtually eliminates the problem of stuck clean out plugs and improper plug seating/locking.

Units are sold individually so if you have a twin engine boat you will need to order two units (quantity 2 in your shopping cart)

Customer Reviews

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Tim Veliquette

Great product. Went together very easy.. plugs now work as intended.


Quality product and great instructions!

Paul White
Took care of my 2015 AR210

I got two of these repair kits for my 2015 AR210. The first plug came out fairly easily. The second one put up a good fight but finally came out with a good yank. The kit is pretty basic, but so is the repair. Watch the JBP video so you put the gasket on the right way. Other than that it's a no brainer. Problem solved. Easy in, easy out.
Highly recommend.


Fit perfect

Problem absolutely solved 100%!

Purchased a used 2014 242. Boat was in pristine condition. However, I believe the previous owner had never removed either clean out plug since new. This was evident because getting them out took everything from 3 football players (my sons), a front loader and several sticks of dynamite just to get them loosened. Ok, I’m exaggerating just a bit on the front loader and the dynamite part but I believe my point is clear on just how difficult it was to remove them let alone try to reinstall them. Impossible for me, very difficult for my sons. So I read blogs and viewed videos on these rebuild kits and for just over $100.00, why not.
Ordered two from Jet Boat Pilot and they arrived at my home in NE Ohio in no time. To be honest, the new ones didn’t look much different then my original ones and I thought I just wasted my money. But figured since we have them why not give it a try.
The repair was so simple. Just unscrew 8 screws, separating the old seal and lower section from the plug. Pop on the new seal and new lower section and screw it back together. Took just a few minutes to complete. Couldn’t be that easy right? It WAS just that easy! Once finished, I lowered them down into their tubes and THEY FELL RIGHT INTO POSITION WITH NO EFFORT! AND THEY REMOVE JUST AS EASILY WITH TWO FINGERS! No more yanking, sweating, sore back and giving up. Wonderful, simple, easy way to make your clean outs like new again. Thank you Jet Boat Pilot for making our jet boat experience so much better!