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Perfect Pass Stargazer Wake Edition S

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**Canadian Customers Must Call To Order**

PerfectPass has totally reimagined, redesigned and simplified the GPS Star Gazer Wake Edition for most Yamaha Sport Boats**.  The same engineering team that designed speed control systems used in Pro Events around the World has once again set a new standard for jet boats with the industry’s smoothest pull in a more friendly user interface.

Driving a Yamaha Sport Boat for Wakeboarding and Surfing at a consistent speed is a stressful, near impossible task because any deviation in speed will negatively affect the Riders experience. Now any responsible operator and give a “perfect pull” so you and your family can enjoy your time on the water like never before.


  • Nearly a “Plug & Play” installation process for boats with wall mounted Accelerator Position Sensors (APS**). No servos to install, no constant power required, no messy RPM Cables to connect and no wires to Splice.
  • High quality Automotive Type Connectors that meet NEMA Standards.
  • Genuine Garmin weather proof GPS Receiver.
  • Engineered to be fail safe. Any loss of power to PerfectPass or any cable failure to PerfectPass will result in full normal operation of boat.
  • Ideal for Surf speeds from 8 mph and up.
  • Simply set the speed, throttle up and PerfectPass will take over automatically once the set point is reached.
  • All new “Two Stage” engagement process developed exclusively for Yamaha Systems to provide our most seamless engagement ever.
  • Incredibly smooth pull that holds speed to within 1 to 2 tenths of a mph and no rpm oscillation.
  • Includes your choice of our 3.5 inch round Display Gauge or External Display with Mount for boats with “Connext”. (No extra charge)
  • The LCD screen with adjustable backlight shows you just what you need to see in a clear, uncluttered format. No complicated Menus to scroll through.
  • Available in Single and Twin Engine formats.
  • Includes a limited 12 month warranty on new PerfectPass Systems, Click Here For Details


**Models with "APS"

2006 & Newer Ar210, SX210 & SR210
2010 & Newer SX240, AR240 & 242 Limited
2012 & Newer AR190, SX190, 212SS & 212X
2013 & Newer SX192 & AR192
2016 & Newer SX195, AR195, 212 Ltd, FSH190 & FSH210
2020 & Newer AR250, SX250, 252S, 212, 212S, AR195 & 252 FSH
2023 & Newer AR220, SX220, 222S, 220FSH & 222FSH 

Perfect Pass system does not work on E-Series Yamaha Jet Boats. For more information about compatibility please contact JetBoatPilot directly.


Twin Engine Install Video

Single Engine Install Video