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Lateral Thruster 2.0 Reverse Steering Enhancement (2019-Current Yamaha Boats)

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JetBoatPilot's Patent Pending Lateral Thruster 2.0:

**Not Compatible With Yamaha Boats Equipped With DRiVE X or Helm Master EX**

-Dramatically Enhances Reverse Steering Control on 2019-Current Model Year Yamaha Jet Boats

-Enhances Reverse Steering Intuitively Allowing You To Pull From Your Automotive Reverse Experience!

-Provides Improved Control Without Being Abrupt/Overpowering

-Lateral Thrusters Do Not Hang Beneath The Hull Thus Will Not Impact High Speed Performance

-Lateral Thrusters Install Easily To 2019-Current Model Year Yamaha Jet Boats 

-Lateral Thrusters Have NO MOVING PARTS | Maximum Durability & Dependability!

-Lateral Thrusters Are Compatible With Thrust Vector L. Lateral Thrusters Are Also Compatible w/ 2021 Release Thrust Vector If Trimmed Using The Available Trim Template. (Incompatible with competitor's fin systems)

-Lateral Thrusters Work Well With Or Without Thrust Vectors. You Are Not Required To Purchase Thrust Vectors To Use Lateral Thrusters. 

Lateral Thruster 2.0 Install Video

Lateral Thruster 2.0 Safety & Operation Video