Yamaha MR1 Twin Engine Winterization Kit

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This kit works with all Yamaha Boats equipped with MR1 engines.

This includes:

2003-2009 Yamaha AR/SX230 and 232 Limited/S

2006-2011 Yamaha 212X and 212SS

2006-2015 SX210 and AR210


Winterization Video:


Items included in this kit are:


Quantity 2: Oil Change Kit For MR1 Yamaha Engines (Oil change kit includes 3 quarts oil, filter and o-rings/seals)

Quantity 10: Spark Plugs for MR1 Engines

Quantity 1: Yamaha Stor-Rite Fogging Oil Spray

Quantity 3: 16 OZ Fuel Med-RX Fuel Stabilizer

Quantity 1: 6 Liter Oil Extractor (Must use oil extractor when draining oil)