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(Authentic Jet Boat Pilot Product)


Synchronize your twin engine Yamaha Jet Boat's throttles with the new Throttle Sync.

Works with all 2006-2017 Year Twin Engine Yamaha Boats. 

Throttle Sync Demonstration

Throttle Cable Adjustment Video

Synchronize your twin engine Yamaha Jet Boat's throttles with the new Throttle Sync. This new product will allow you to quickly select between having your throttles locked together so they work in unison or unlocked so they work independently, like the boat comes from the factory. With the simple flip of the red latch mechanism on the lower side of the throttle grip, the two handles can be jointed as one or split into two.

Installation is a simple 5 minute process and requires only the use of a philips head screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver.

Throttle Sync will not effect your Yamaha Factory or YES Warranty

Throttle Sync has been endorsed by JetBoatPilot as being a quality product which delivers on what it is advertised to do.

Throttle Sync does not change any of your boat's electronics or throttle position cables or wires. It merely connects the two handles together so that they are easier to control in unison.

Throttle Sync's will not work with earlier model Year Yamaha Jet Boats such as 2003-2004 230 series boats or 2018 boats. Boats manufactured after 2005 should work with Throttle Sync but for verification you may want to snap a photo of your throttles and send to for verification prior to ordering.

Customer Reviews

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A "must have" on your twin engine boat

Easy install, just bring a 3mm allen wrench (not included) if you plan to install it at the dock or on the water. After 3 small cable adjustments my engines were within a couple hundred rpm of each other at all speeds. It eliminated the throttle drop on the port side and made operating the boat that much easier!