PS91 Sneeze Guard

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This high quality, impact resistant sneeze guard will provide a sense of comfort and confidence for your patients and associates.


-Easily stand on any flat surface with included easy insert feet. Leaves no marks on counter tops and is easily assembled and disassembled.

-Holes along top edge allows for hanging from overhead support using monofilament line.

-Two pass through slots cut into each barrier. Allows for use in a variety of counter top scenarios.

-Large Version is 36" wide on the long side and 31.5" on the short side.

-Small Version is 31.5" wide on the long side and 23.5" on the short side.

-Openings on large version are 14" wide by 4" tall.

-Openings on small version are 12" wide by 3.5" tall.

-Thickness is .220"

-Made from high quality polycarbonate material for impact resistance. Less likely to break if dropped like acrylic or other more brittle materials.

-Ships with protective film on both sides of the barrier to preserve the surface.

-Spray and wipe with common household disinfectant sprays.

-Smaller size available in our store.