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PS91 Face Shield Kit

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-Simple to use, reusable face shield to provide the wearer protection against airborne contaminants such as fluids and particulate.

-Lightweight & Ultra Comfortable For All Day Wear


-Works well with most standard Dental Loupes.

-Reusable one size fits all head band with 2" clearance from forehead to edge of shield.

-Pivoting design allows wearer to pivot the shield up and down.

-Includes 1 disposable shield (replacement 10 packs sold separately)



-Place head band over head & adjust straps for best fit.
-Attach disposable shield to headband by aligning 3 holes at top with 3 bosses on head band.
-When use is complete remove disposable shield, sanitize and reuse or dispose and replace with new shield. Replacement shields may be purchased separately. 
-Do not dispose head band. It is made from high quality outdoor grade components & may be submerged in sanitizer or sprayed with disinfectant.


-These items have been sanitized prior to shipment.

-Due to shortages, some materials may vary in color and look, cosmetically, different from the images shown on this product page.

-Face Shields manufactured by JetBoatPilot are not designed in accordance with with any local, state or federal compliance guidelines. Though our product is made from high quality materials and will provide protection from airborne contaminants and particulate, JetBoatPilot LLC does not claim to be manufacturing products endorsed by any known regulatory body.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the use of the PS91 Face Shield product line, JetBoatPilot is not allowing refunds or exchanges of any PS91 Face Shield products at this time.