Twin Engine Lateral Thruster / Thrust Vector XV Combo

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Purchase the Patented Thrust Vector XV and the Patent Pending Lateral Thruster at the same time and save $50 off your purchase!

Lateral Thruster dramatically increases reverse maneuverability on any Yamaha Jet Boat.


-Dramatically Increases Reverse Steering Control on All Yamaha Jet Boats

-Enhances Reverse Steering Intuitively Allowing You To Pull From Your Automotive Reverse Experience!

-Provides Precision Control Without Being Abrupt/Overpowering

-Lateral Thrusters Do Not Hang Beneath The Hull Thus Will Not Impact High Speed Performance

-Twin Engine Lateral Thrusters Have No Moving Parts

-Lateral Thrusters Bolt On With No Drilling Required To All Yamaha Jet Boats (all years, all models)

-Lateral Thrusters Are Compatible With Thrust Vector XV Version 2.3. Also compatible with older versions of Thrust Vector if trimmed using available trim template. (Incompatible with competitor's fin systems)

- Limited Lifetime Warranty is included on all Lateral Thruster Units


Lateral Thruster Demonstration Videos



-Thrust Vector XV dramatically improves slow speed steering responsiveness while moving forward. 


- Extra long fins for maximum slow speed steering responsiveness.

- Integrated spray guard which ensures dry ride.

- Pivoting spring loaded design ensures you'll have added control at slow speeds and no added heaviness in steering wheel at high speeds.

- Fins are out of the water at high speeds which eliminates potential for submerged object impact, which could cause damage to your factory jet pump components.

- Limited Lifetime Warranty is included on all Thrust Vector XV.


Thrust Vector Demonstration Video




Twin Engine Lateral Thruster Install Video

Single Engine Lateral Thruster Install Video

Thrust Vector XV Install Video