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Thrust Vector XV / Lateral Thruster Combo (Twin Engine)

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(1996-2018 Model Years Only/ Excludes 2019 Year Model Yamaha Boats)

Lateral Thruster dramatically increases reverse maneuverability on Yamaha Jet Boats 


-Dramatically Increases Reverse Steering Control on Most Yamaha Jet Boats

-Enhances Reverse Steering Intuitively Allowing You To Pull From Your Automotive Reverse Experience!

-Provides Complete Control Without Being Abrupt/Overpowering

-Lateral Thrusters Do Not Hang Beneath The Hull Thus Will Not Impact High Speed Performance

-Lateral Thrusters Have No Moving Parts

-Lateral Thrusters Bolt On With No Drilling Required To Most Yamaha Jet Boats (1996-2018, all models/ excludes 2019 model year Yamaha boats)

-Lateral Thrusters Are Compatible With Thrust Vector X & XV Version 2.3. Also compatible with older versions of Thrust Vector if trimmed using available trim template. (Incompatible with competitor's fin systems)

- Limited Lifetime Warranty is included on all Lateral Thruster Units


Lateral Thruster Demonstration Videos



-Thrust Vector XV dramatically improves slow speed steering responsiveness while moving forward. 


- Extra long fins for maximum slow speed steering responsiveness.

- Integrated spray guard which ensures dry ride.

- Pivoting spring loaded design ensures you'll have added control at slow speeds and no added heaviness in steering wheel at high speeds.

- Fins are out of the water at high speeds which eliminates potential for submerged object impact, which could cause damage to your factory jet pump components.

- Limited Lifetime Warranty is included on all Thrust Vector XV.

- Thrust Vector XV fits most Yamaha Jet Boats (1996-2018 model years/ Excludes 2019 model year)

- 2019 model year compatible Thrust Vectors are set to begin shipping late 2018-early 2019. 


Thrust Vector Demonstration Video


Twin Engine Lateral Thruster Install Video

Single Engine Lateral Thruster Install Video

Thrust Vector XV Install Video