KickStand For Thrust Vector

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Add this simple to use KickStand to your Thrust Vector X or Wake system to prop your Thrust Vector fins in the up position when anchoring in shallow water. 

To deploy, simply rotate fins upward, flip the KickStand out and let it come to rest against the jet nozzle steering arm.

To retract, simply lift the fins and the spring loaded action retracts your KickStand automatically. If you forget to retract your KickStand, it will retract itself once you're underway.


Construction & Installation 

-KickStand is Made from high quality HDPE material for long life and impact resistance.

-Stainless steel and aluminum hardware are suitable for fresh or salt water use.

-Installs easily on Thrust Vector X models by removing the small bumper on the starboard side fin, pressing in the threaded fastener, inserting spring and attaching KickStand.

-Includes 1 3/32" allen wrench and 1 bottle of blue thread locker.  

Install Manual


Intro Video:


NOTE: Will Not Work Properly With XV or XL Versions Of Yamaha Thrust Vector. To install on Wake you will need to drill a hole using our drill template.