JetBoatPilot Intermediate Surf Package

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JetBoatPilot Surf Packages were created to help take the guess work out of surfing behind your Yamaha Jet Boat!

Purchase The Intermediate Surf Package If You Surf Often Or If Your Surfer Is 200 LBS Or Less

Kit Contents Include:

-Thrust Vector Wake- Cleans The Surf Wave To Create More Push & Make Your Yamaha More Surfable!

-JetBoatPilot 1200 LB Ballast Kit- 24, 50 LB Steel Shot Bags Plus Container Bag

-Perfect Pass GPS Based Speed Control- Lock In The Perfect Speed For A Perfect Surf Wave All Day Long!


Installing our Intermediate Surf Package on your Yamaha Jet Boat will take your boat from surfing with the tow rope to surfing ropeless (with riders under 200 lbs).

-With the addition of the Thrust Vector Wake you'll not only get much improved slow speed maneuverability, but also a cleaner surf wave with less spray than previous generation Thrust Vector products.

-By adding the 1200lb steel shot ballast kit your Yamaha's transom will sit lower in the water than with conventional water ballast bags of even greater weight. This is made possible by the compact size of the steel shot bags and the ability to situate them on the lower swim platform securely.

-With the Perfect Pass System installed on your Yamaha you will be able to precisely maintain a consistent surf or wakeboard speed which gives your rider the best possible ride, plus, the driver of the boat will be able to spend more time driving and less time managing speed.