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For A Limited Time JetBoatPilot Is Offering A Limited Edition Thrust Vector! Limited Edition Thrust Vector Features An All New Chrome Logo Badge With A Cleaner Fin Profile Without The Engraved Text (All Other Features/Hardware Are The Same As Previous Model)

We've Combined 10 Years Of Low Speed Steering Technology With 3 Years Of Wake Shaping Technology Into One Simple To Install Watersports Friendly Low Speed Steering System.

 Thrust Vector Key Benefits:

  • NEW FOR Limited Edition- Chrome Thrust Vector Logo Badge Secured To Actuator Cross Bar.
  • NEW FOR 2021- All New Actuator Lifts Fins Without Coming Into Contact With Jet Thrust. This Cleans The Wake & Reduces Spray When Compared To Previous TV Systems, Making Watersports Activities Such As Tubing & Wake Surfing More Enjoyable
  • NEW FOR 2021- KICKSTAND Feature Added To Lock Fins In Up Position To Prevent Grounding While The Boat Is Anchored In Shallow Water.
  • Dramatically Improves Low Speed Steering Responsiveness While Moving Forward
  • Fully Compatible With JetBoatPilot's Patented Lateral Thruster Reverse Steering Enhancement
  • Improves Low Speed Maneuverability For All Yamaha Jet Boats, All Years
  • Fins Raise Completely Out Of The Water At Plane Speeds So You Will Not Feel Heaviness In The Steering Wheel Compared To Other Systems Which Remain In The Water All The Time
  • Virtually Eliminates Oversteer
  • No Need For Drilling Or Permanent Modification, Easy Bolt On Installation Perfect For Do It Yourselfers
  • No Messy Epoxy Steps Or Calibration Makes For Quick Easy Install
  • No Sharp Edges On Fins Makes Thrust Vectors Swimmer Friendly

 Install Guide In JPG Format:

Link to PDF for printing install manual:

Video Intro To New Thrust Vector For 2021 

     Thrust Vector Demonstration Video (Non-Articulating Keel Test Boat)

    Thrust Vector Installation Video