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Thrust Vector Wake / Lateral Thruster Combo For Yamaha Boats (Fits 2003-2019)

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JetBoatPilot Is Revolutionizing The Way Jet Boat Owners Use Their Boats With Our Latest Creation, Thrust Vector Wake.



Thrust Vector Wake provides 4 Unique Benefits For Yamaha Boat Owners, See Below (Begins Shipping Late Spring 2019)

Thrust Vector Wake Slow Speed Steering Benefits:

  • Dramatically Improves Slow Speed Steering Responsiveness While Moving Forward
  • Fully Compatible With JetBoatPilot's All New Lateral Thruster Reverse Steering Enhancement
  • Improves Slow Speed Maneuverability On Yamaha Boats Equipped With Articulating Keel
  • Fins Are Completely Out Of The Water At Plane Speeds So You Will Not Feel Heaviness In The Steering Wheel Compared To Other Systems Which Remain In The Water All The Time
  • Virtually Eliminates Oversteer
  • No Need For Drilling Or Permanent Modification So Thrust Vectors Will Not Void Your Warranty
  • No Sharp Edges On Polymer Fins Makes Thrust Vectors Swimmer Friendly
  • Fits All 2019 & Previous Yamaha Boats


Thrust Vector Wake Watersports Benefits:

 Wake Surfing

  • By utilizing our Patent Pending Quick Change Deflector, situated between the left and right fin, Thrust Vector Wake is able to enhance 3 unique watersports activities.
  • Select the first setting, which features the shallowest deflection angle, and your Yamaha boat's surf wave is cleaned up, with less turbulence and more push!
  • On twin engine models the wake is clean simultaneously on the left and right side of the boat. Now you can surf two at the time or cross over from normal to goofy footed riding style without even having to stop the boat.
  • The Patent Pending Quick Change Deflector can be adjusted from the swim platform without having to get in the water or use any tools.

Wake Boarding

  • Select the second setting and the exiting jet thrust is deflected at the optimal angle for creating a clean and powerful WakeBoarding wake.
  • Since the additional deflection angle has the effect of lifting the transom higher in the water this setting is not optimal for Wake Surfing, but perfect if your goal is bigger air, greater distance and a better landing zone.


  • Select the third setting and the exiting jet thrust is deflected at the maximum deflection angle which minimizes the jet wash encountered when riding a tube connected to a 60 foot tow rope. 
  • This setting has been proven to make for a dry ride when tubing and thus eliminates the need to extend the rope or to wear goggles.


     This is a pre-sale offering and the product may undergo changes during the coming months. Thrust Vector Wake is forecast to begin shipping late spring 2019. Call 850-867-1410 or email for more details.


    JetBoatPilot's Patent Pending Lateral Thruster:

    -Dramatically Enhances Reverse Steering Control on Most Yamaha Jet Boats

    -Enhances Reverse Steering Intuitively Allowing You To Pull From Your Automotive Reverse Experience!

    -Provides Complete Control Without Being Abrupt/Overpowering

    -Lateral Thrusters Do Not Hang Beneath The Hull Thus Will Not Impact High Speed Performance

    -Lateral Thrusters Have No Moving Parts Which Maximizes Durability & Dependability

    -Lateral Thrusters Bolt On With No Drilling To Most Yamaha Jet Boats (1996-2018 Model Years Only/ Excludes 2019 Year Model Yamaha Boats)

    -Lateral Thrusters Are Compatible With Current Thrust Vector X &Thrust Vector XV (Version 2.3).. Lateral Thrusters Are Also Compatible w/ Older Versions Of Thrust Vector If Trimmed Using The Available Trim Template. (Incompatible with competitor's fin systems)

    -Lateral Thrusters Work Well With Or Without Thrust Vectors. You Are Not Required To Purchase Thrust Vectors To Use Lateral Thrusters. Thrust Vectors sold separately.