Single Engine Lateral Thruster Revision Feb 2018

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Single Engine Lateral Thruster Revision Feb 2018

Taking cues from the simplistic design of our Twin Engine Lateral Thruster, JetBoatPilot has tested and validated a prototype of the Single Engine Lateral Thruster without moving parts! 

For those of you who are not familiar with the original, we utilized a set of check valves on the inside of the single engine Lateral Thruster to aid in channeling the thrust in the direction desired. We believed that the check valves were absolutely necessary to prevent water from escaping out of the opposite inlet as well as the inactive outlet. We have since proven ourselves partially wrong.


The newly revised Lateral Thruster Single features a set of permanently fixed interior walls which start the thrust moving in the desired direction. Once the thrust begins its redirection it travels along its new path until it collides with the back wall of the Lateral Thruster, once again causing the thrust to change direction again and finally escape out of the active outlet.

During testing we noted that the thrust was not escaping out of the opposite inlet and only minimal thrust was expelled from the inactive outlet. The result was every bit as good as our original design in every way!

We have since moved to production with this revised version and will be receiving first articles for validation and approval in a few days. Once completed the production run will commence and we anticipate receipt of production quality inventory mid to late April 2018.