Low Speed Maneuverability Jet Boat Accessories: Lateral Thrusters

Low Speed Maneuverability Jet Boat Accessories: Lateral Thrusters

If you are looking for controlled and precise reverse control for your jet boat to make offloading and moving away from a docking point at low speeds easy, we have the lateral thrusting parts for you! JetBoatPilot has designed and developed easy-to-install lateral thrusters that are going to make your reverse control intuitive and amazing!

Here's just one of the great reviews we've gotten about the lateral thruster: "I have been using the Lateral Thruster 2.0 now for over 3 months and must give it an A++. For a jet boat, this is a game changer. Maneuvering in and out of my slip has never been easier no matter what the weather conditions are. To be able to remain in one location while turning your boat is extremely effective when in a tight location. No more embarrassing moments when pulling up to a dock for fuel or dinner. Job well done JetBoatPilot, thank you." 

Thanks for the kind words, John! We hope it will continue to enhance your experience on the water!

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What Do Lateral Thrusters Do For Your Boat?

JetBoatPilot lateral thrusters are jet boat accessories that help control your jet boat's steering (single or twin engine boats) by employing lateral thrust to move from side to side with minimal transition from one direction to another. This makes steering super easy, in all water conditions, including slow-moving or still water. Lateral thrust is simply a force of propulsion from side to side. Without lateral thrusters, the thrust is primarily forward and backward. It takes more steering force to get the jet boat to propel left or right without lateral thrusters.

Our lateral thrusters actually divert 50% of the reverse flow from the active reverse outlet to a more lateral (side to side) direction than factory outlets. These jet boat accessories give the jet boat an increased angle of propulsion which in turn results in minimizing the backward thrust and increasing the side-to-side thrust and creates more reverse control. This is especially useful in moving to and from docks. It makes the control and steering of your jet boat incredibly smooth and easy. Even a beginner will be able to reverse and steer with absolute ease.

How Jet Boat Lateral Thrusters Work

The lateral thrusters are simple. They easily attach to the nozzle or thrust vector. There are no moving parts, and the thruster simply shifts the outgoing jet of water out to the sides of the jet boat instead of straight underneath. This addition vastly upgrades the steering of the jet boat by providing instant and accurate propulsion.

Compatibility Of The JetBoatPilot Lateral Thrusters

Our Lateral Thruster 2.0 kit is available only for 2019 - current Yamaha boats. For Yamaha jet boats between 1996 to 2018, the Lateral Thruster Reverse Steering Enhancement is the proper product. Our lateral thrusters are also compatible with our thrust vector for super precision in no-wake areas.

Let’s introduce you to the Lateral Thruster 2.0 with this video from our YouTube channel. You can read the transcript below.

“Today we're excited to introduce to you the all-new Lateral Thruster 2.0. Much like our original thruster for 1996 through 2018 Yamaha boats, this new version was designed to enhance the reverse steering control for 2019 through current Yamaha boats. The first-generation lateral thruster worked exceptionally well on early Yamaha nozzles. But in 2019, a radical nozzle design change made necessary a reimagining of the later thruster design. In 2019, Yamaha introduced an all-new steering nozzle. Which improved reverse control significantly compared to previous model years. This new style of nozzle features two lateral style reverse outlets per nozzle. Which are effective are redirecting jet boars laterally and forward. This gives the operator substantial power backing the boat off the trailer — as well as improved directional control around the dock.

Over the past three years, we've received many phone calls and emails requesting a thruster for this new style of nozzle. So, by popular demand, Lateral Thruster 2.0 became a reality.

Thanks to new technologies like 3-D scanning, 3-D modeling, and SLS printing, we've crafted a simple, yet effective part that inserts into your factory steering nozzle and delivers significant added control while operating in reverse.

Command is increased while the reverse turning radius is decreased. You'll also experience a measured, controlled feel around the dock. Plus, you'll retain more than enough power to back the boat off the trailer with minimal reduction in reverse thrust.

Installation can be done quickly and easily by practically anyone. And the best part is — because of the added control, new operators can quickly learn how to drive the boat. So I bet you're asking the question, how does it work?

The lateral thruster gets inserted into the reverse opening on the underside of the nozzle. Note that there's a tab that helps you index the exact location for mounting. Once secured in place by hardware the lateral thruster diverts about 50 percent of the reverse flow from the active reverse outlet in a more lateral direction than that of the factory outlets. This increased angle of attack results in minimizing rearward thrust and increases lateral thrust — giving you more reverse control.

Let's talk about installation. Simply locate the lateral thruster into the nozzle, align the tab along the opening of the thrust nozzle, locate the drill holes using our install guide, drill the nozzle in the lateral thruster, insert a screw with lock tight and fasteners, tighten, and let sit for about an hour. Repeat these steps on the opposite side. It's as easy as that.

We've designed one kit to fit all Yamaha boats, regardless of the engine configuration. Whether you have a single engine or a twin-engine Yamaha, you only need one port and one starboard lateral thrust device. On a single-engine jet boat, you'll install one part in each of the factory reverse outlets. On twin engine boats, you'll install the port side lateral thruster on the port side jet pump's outboard reverse outlet. And the starboard thruster on the starboard jet pump's outboard reverse outlet. The two inboard reverse outlets do not need thruster enhancement.

Well, that about wraps it up. Lateral Thruster 2.0. More control for your Yamaha boat. Simple, practical, affordable. We hope this video has been helpful to you. Thanks for watching."

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Features From Our Lateral Thruster Reverse Steering Enhancement

Features from our Lateral Thruster 2.0 include:

  • Dramatically enhances reverse steering control on 2019-current model year Yamaha jet boats
  • Enhances reverse steering intuitively 
  • Provides complete control without being abrupt or overpowering
  • Does not hang beneath the hull and so will not impact high-speed performance
  • Easy installation on most Yamaha jet boats 
  • NO MOVING PARTS for maximum durability & dependability!
  • Compatibility with Thrust Vector L, and 2021 release thrust vector if trimmed using the available trim template (incompatible with competitor's fin systems)
  • Proficiency with or without thrust vectors. You are not required to purchase thrust vectors to use lateral thrusters.

Installing Lateral Thrusters

A jet boat lateral thruster is easy to install. They come with paper instructions that are easy to follow, as well as a parts kit and videos for step-by-step installation are available on YouTube so that you can follow along with easily. We are very proud of how versatile and effective they are for your jet boats!