Activities For Your Jet Propulsion Boats

Activities For Your Jet Propulsion Boats

Most commonly the modern jet boat enthusiast can be found doing one of the following activities with their boat.


Pleasure Boating

Pleasure Boating - you'll find that most owners just want to get out on the water and cruise with their friends and family. This will range from short runs to the local sand bar or island all the way to groups of boaters getting together and heading out to some remote location like the Annual JetBoaters.Net Bimini Run. This gathering features dozens of boaters descending upon Ft. Lauderdale Florida with their boats and families in tow, packing up and in unison heading out on the 60 or so mile journey to Bimini in the Bahamas. This trip is not for the faint of heart!



Watersports - Everybody knows that if you have a boat you're going to have to at some point tow someone on a tube, or a wakeboard or nowadays on a surf board. Jet Boats make great watersports platforms due to the dramatic low end torque made possible by the jet propulsion systems and the absence of the propeller making the water a safer place!


Fishing - Now with the addition of the center console Jet Boat the weekend fisherman now has an incredible platform to throw a line and to spend some time fishing with family and friends.