Marine Mat Verses SeaDek Flooring Covers On Jet Boats

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Marine Mat Verses SeaDek Flooring Covers On Jet Boats

There are many different boat accessories out there that claim to be the best and most needed products. Fiberglass looks great as a boat accessory but it will show age with time, and it's not very comfortable to stand on. MarineMat is a custom boat and marine decking available in a removable snap series or a stick series.

MarineMat offers a variety of benefits. They are comfortable to stand on for short or long periods of time and offer good traction for people and pets alike. With the benefits alone, MarineMat as a decking solution will be worth the cost and investment. At JetBoatPilot we strive to offer the next evolution of marine mat and decking solutions and the best service for our customers. We offer boat templates for Yamaha, Sea doo, Vortex, and Scarab.

Jet Boat Marine Decking Solutions

MarineMat was founded in late 2014 by upcoming entrepreneur Greg Pickren. Pickren and his team have years of experience testing and working with only the best products for their customers. Their experience has given them the perfect approach to developing the most advanced EVA foam decking solution in the marine environments industry.

JetBoatPilot and MarineMat have created the industry's first Snap-it and Stick-it product lines that push the boundaries and revolutionize the future of decking solutions. Many builders have the option to offer high-quality EVA foam as a more innovative alternative to carpet. Our stick-it product line offers the strongest selection of foam stick-down products on the market and makes any changes or customizations a breeze.

As one of the world's largest suppliers and original equipment manufacturers of EVA foam products in the marine environments industry, JetBoatPilot takes pride in only the best and top-notch products and services for our retail customers. Respective companies offer good deck solutions but we offer the best. We have developed into one of the world’s largest suppliers of EVA foam products to the marine industry. Our products are sold directly to boat builders, through a network of different dealers, and directly to our consumers from our website. Our team is committed to maintaining the best customer service throughout the whole process of a sale. Boat building giants and retail customers can expect to receive the same top-notch products, services, and support.

Marine Mat

At JetBoatPilot, we believe that our customers deserve only the best products and customizations for their boats. Our custom decking solutions can take on even the harshest of marine environments while offering comfort and durability for you. We offer a large variety of textures, colors, and designs. Our closed-cell EVA foam is UV stable, meaning it won't fade from direct sunlight, and it is stain resistant while keeping out most molds and mildews. We offer guaranteed comfort while knowing that your decking solution is safe and protected. We also offer excellent traction for safety and comfort when you are moving around your boat, no matter the weather. Cleaning your decking solution is also very easy. In most cases, a quick rinse with a spray hose will keep your Marine Mat looking spick and span. You can also wash it the same way you already wash your standard boat deck. With Marine Mat decking solutions being very durable, they can last years. Proper maintenance and care can extend their life even further.

We offer two textures of marine decking solutions, brushed and dimpled, which can be customized with prints, colors, and logos. Marine Mats can be installed professionally or they can be a great DIY project for individuals that consider themselves handy. We offer many boat models and patterns and if we don't have them, we can help guide you through making a template for your boat.
If you are in need of financing options, we have available plans. We can offer finance options through synchrony bank, and with a minimum down payment with sales tax and credit approval, you can finance with us for your new boat. You can also include all your parts and accessories, service agreements, boat insurance, and more! We also offer a 3-year warranty to all of our clients to help protect your investment.


SeaDek is a next revolutionary product used by top boat builders and boat owners seeking custom products. Our products are made from EVA foam from an original equipment manufacturer, which is a durable and safe alternative to many marine traction products in the industry. SeaDek offers shock-absorbing qualities to deliver maximum comfort on the water, and fishermen will appreciate its sound-dampening properties. SeaDek offers easy installation and customizable options while replacing the need for molded-in non-skid which saves money and time in the manufacturing process. Even in the harshest weather conditions, SeaDek can be expected to last 5 to 7 years. The better the maintenance and care you give it, the longer the life expectancy. The PE/EVA blended material has a 3-year blended material warranty and should be free of any defects at the time of purchase.

Our decking solution is formulated with an acrylic-based high-bond pressure-sensitive adhesive. Seadek's peel and stick application doesn't require any mounting hardware and offers an easy experience. We offer a variety of textures, thicknesses, and colors which provides an endless amount of customization. We also offer triple lamination, custom routing, static laser logos, and full sheet laser patterning.

At JetBoatPilot, we can work with nearly any type of boat. Some other benefits we include are:

  • Exceptional traction in all weather conditions.
  • Guaranteed comfort when standing, walking, or sitting on boat surfaces.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Protection that helps prevent stretches, dents, and chips.

Cleaning your SeaDek mat is also very easy and convenient. We offer a SeaDek Magic Cleanser which is specifically created for EVA foam. Besides the Seadek Cleanser, you can also use a stiff brush and hot soapy water. It is not recommended that you use acid-based cleaners.

jet boa ride made efficient with marine mat

Marine Mat Vs SeaDek

Marine Mat and SeaDek hold a lot of similarities. They both are made from an EVA foam material for their base and we offer both in two different textures, dimpled and brushed, with many customization options. Both options have easy maintenance and care. The biggest difference is cost, with SeaDek being the option that you would have to invest more money in and Marine Mat being the more affordable alternative. Though they don't have many differences, the ones they do have are worth considering when deciding between the two brands.

Marine Mats EVA foam offers a UV stable layer that protects the decking solution from the constant direct sunlight which protects your purchase in the long run. It's also stain-resistant. We offer a Stick-It and Snap-It product for our Marine Mat line that makes installation and the option for future customizations easy. Marine Mat is a more affordable alternative to carpet that doesn't break the bank, and we also offer financing options and a guaranteed 3-year warranty on Marine Mats.

SeaDek decking solutions also have an EVA foam material but they also have shock-absorbing qualities to deliver maximum comfort on the water, and sound-dampening properties which is a great benefit for many fishermen. For the SeaDek brand, we offer triple lamination, custom routing, static laser logos, and full sheet laser patterning. Our SeaDek brand is worth the extra investment, and with good care and maintenance, will last you years.

At JetBoatPilot, we offer only the best products to last you a lifetime. We pride ourselves on our top-notch products, support, and service. Call us today to find the perfect decking solution for you.